SKIN: God in Flesh 2

Keith NIxThe Lift
The Light was gone
The Life went with it
What remained was just a shadow

I could see the difference in her eyes
once vibrant with light and life
now clouded over with doubt and fear
What a strange and horrible feeling
Even of the One we call “Abba”
Intimacy shattered
Glory departed
A mere shell of who we were
No lasting cover
He’s coming
We hide
Can’t control the shaking
He calls
Finally answering
“Here I am.”
I hide
I am undone
The curse of our choice
My choice
The curse:
Hope is pronounced
The Seed will crush the serpent
He covers us with SKINs
Redemption is predicted
The Redeemer will come
Our Kinsman
In our Skin
He will come.
In our Skin
He will win!
Undoing what has been done.
Re-doing what I have done.
O Come, O Come Emmanuel!
Skin: God in Flesh
We Will Not Grow Weary! Building Update!

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