Fun. Friends. Fire. #CampTRIBE

TribeYouth Awakening

If you were to ask us what three words best describe #CampTRIBE we’d say FUN. FRIENDS. FIRE.


For too long this generation has looked at the church as a stale, lifeless organization. It’s time we show them what this life in Christ is all about. As a Christian, if you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s a glimpse into the kind of fun we have at #CampTRIBE:


We all have a deep desire in our heart to belong. It’s how we were created. So as a camp, that’s what we’re all about. We’re a TRIBE for everyone. Every race, every background, every walk of life, with one singular mission – to truly know Jesus and make Him known. You’ve got to join us this summer!


Restless and weary of the status quo, this generation is hungry to encounter the living God. Isn’t it time we introduce them to the Jesus that still heals the sick and raises the dead? Isn’t it time we introduce a dying world to the one true living King? At #CampTRIBE we seek to cultivate an atmosphere of fire where kids and teens of all ages encounter Jesus in a tangible way that marks their life forever. Click the image below to learn more today!

Why Did We Change the Camp Name?
Where Is The Dove?

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