Immanuel – God With Us!


All is lost
and yet
A bruised reed
He will not break

The light is gone
and yet,
A smoking lamp
He will not snuff out

Hope is given
A Promise is spoken

Woven into the skins that cover us
A glimmer of light
A glimpse forward

Restoration foretold
The Seed
Will prevail

The Redeemer (Ga’al)
Will pay the ransom price

Abraham’s descendant
David’s Son
Israel’s Hope
The Suffering Servant
The King of Kings

A Sign is given
Impossibility made possible
Miracle of miracles
A virgin conceives

The Baby belongs to Yahweh
The Child is Yahweh
God in skin

Silence is shattered
The Babe cries
The roar of a conquering King

The beginning is humble
Seemingly weak
Almost fragile

And yet
All will be made NEW

The lost found
Paradise restored
The GLORY returned
HE has come

His coming is not as we imagined
The Word among us
The Word one of us
Immanuel – God With Us!

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